Wisgipg (Fire Ash) 2021- Ongoing 

Photo by Christine Lim, courtesy of DesignTO.

Wisgipg (Fire Ash) 2021

Book Ash + Glass Vessel 

Wisgipg is a collection of novels filled with colonial violence, overt racism and poor representation of Indigenous People’s of Turtle Island and abroad. All the books were collected from the heart of Omaha, NE, during my three-month residency at The BEMIS of contemporary arts.

Each colonial trash book was systematically dipped into porcelain slip, left to dry and re dipped again. Once completely dried, I performed a book burning in a kiln to transform these works into something new, something closer to the land, closer to the earth. Turned into ash or porcelain pages, I collected the remnants. The white ashes were collected and housed in a small glass church to be seen and cheekily paired together.

Some of the books included in this kiln fire: 

At Play in the fields of the lord by Peter Matthiessen

Restless are the sails by Evelyn Eaton

The half-caste by Dan Cushman

The medicine calf by Bill Hotchkiss

The Indian tipi by Reginald and Gladys Laubin

My life as an Indian by J.W. Schultz

*Work aided with the help of Emma Ryan and Nick Witten.