Trickle Down Affect 2017

Performance; Still from a live performance in Albany NY, USA. Hand dyed Cochineal (Fibre reactive dye) with Iron mordant

This performance took place at Art’s Letters and Numbers residency in Albany, New York. This piece took three different adaptations as a live performance, the physical dress on display, and the work's video/photo documentation.

The dress was treated/dyed with cochineal red natural dye, which comes from raw dried scale insects in the suborder Sternorrhyncha. “Cochineal is a reactive fiber dye, meaning it attaches permanently to cellulose fibers using a covalent (electron-sharing) bond. These molecules carry a chromophore, which absorbs varying spectrums of the light, allowing only specific spectrums to reflect. It physically binds with the material, becoming part of its make up. When it comes into contact with absolute natural occurring mordant (in this case, Iron), a chemical reaction occurs, not just a dye job. A chemical phenomenon that again changes the makeup/ structure of the material. Used to conceptualize the layer speaking to intergenerational trauma and the skin.

Work performed at Arts, Letters and Numbers. Albany Ny.