“Rest in peace, Rodney Levi”  2020

9 X 12 Inches

Gawiei/ Porcupine quillwork (Embroidery) On paper. 

On June 13th, my cousin Rodney Levi was shot twice in the chest by an RCMP officer during a wellness check in Redbank NB. This quillwork on paper was started in a state of grief, confusion, deep hurt and sadness.

This work was created in the traditional method of porcupine quill embroidery, to give tribute, to stay true with my heritage, to do something internal during a moment(s) of pain, and to take time to think. It Gave myself space, time, and some sort of healing.

This work addressing stages of grief felt by those who have lost a loved ones due to police brutality/ senseless violence and those who are questioning authority.