︎Embmbroidery on turban cotton

This work is a method of showcasing my interests especially those within the notions of authorship, perception and narrative.I am splicing fragments of texts out of each letter in hopes of emulating feelings of disconnect and the ironic undertone toward the lack of relationship and intimacy given through a one sided communication between a drug addicted mother and her eldest child.

The quality of the embroidery is meant to emphasize the inaccessibility and disconnect between both the work and the viewer. These concepts are reflected within the content of these pieces, which act as intimate professions but are simultaneously superficial and underwhelming. By highlighting the use of negative space ideas of the generic, simplistic and childhood neglection and abandonment are super-realized. The act of editing and the reformatting these letters becomes a form of censorship where the most important pieces are selected and yet become unreadable and diluted.