P’twewi (Be’de’wey) “Tea” 2019

Red Rose Tea, Medical tape

Comfort manifests in diverse forms—emerging from the earth's embrace, the tender caress of touch, the reassuring weight of presence, the evocative fragrance that lingers, and the rich dialogue exchanged over tea with our cherished elders, ancestral spirits, and beloved companions.

Within the Artwork "P'twewi," an embodiment of comfort is hand-stitched together. This intricate blanket is meticulously crafted from the essence of Red Rose Tea, a beverage frequently savoured by Indigenous communities in the Maritimes of Canada. This particular variant of black tea carries with it a tradition where women gather around a table. Within this intimate setting, the profound tapestry of my grandmother's, great-grandmother's, aunts', and sisters' lives unfolds—a space where conversations of immense significance, challenges, and heartfelt labour transpire.

Amidst these dialogues, a transformative power is discovered—an avenue of healing, enlightenment, and perspective, all cocooned within the soothing refuge of tea. "P'twewi" not only encapsulates the essence of this cherished ritual but also preserves the legacy of shared wisdom and interconnectedness, echoing the comforting embrace that envelops us during these poignant moments of communion.