Gigjagumatl “closely related to.” 2022


Hand-dyed (cochineal and Madder) horsehair braid.

Phonetics: (Gigjagumatl) gik·cha·gu·ma·dêl

Gigjagumatl's sculpture is a double braid made from hand-dyed horse hair, using natural pigmented dyes in red tones such as madder and cochineal. The weaving of the braids creates a complex piece of art that captures the artist's relationship with their cousin Amera LeBelle. Despite leading different lives and being separated when they were young, the shared blood memory and knowledge unites them and provides a strong foundation.

This sculpture represents the unbreakable bond between family members and the importance of honoring our shared roots. The use of natural materials and traditional techniques is a nod to preserving cultural heritage in contemporary art. Through this piece, Gigjagumatl expresses the enduring connections that exist within families and the power of love and kinship


Documentation by Chelsea Yang Smith