“Flesh Economics” 2018

 Neon Text

The value, commodification, representation, and identity politics surrounding the skin are driving forces within my practice. This neon is beckoning the audience’s attention by cheekily posing questions of how we view, touch, and feel flesh—an almost cannibalistic prompt about how we consume the body within visual, political, and economic languages.

This neon was made directly to address and bring awareness to Canada’s sex trade, primarily targeting the Indigenous population. Playing off the red-light district’s notions, what happens in back alleys, and the XXX format or showcasing text—promoting my audience to consider how they consume minorities, for instance, through their art, dress, rituals, spirituality, or physical body through the sex trade or ambivalence to this significant social epidemic.

Displayed at: The University at Buffalo Art Gallery. Buffalo, NY, USA and WAAP Gallery Vancouver BC.

Documentation by Michael Love

Text by Lauren Fournier: