Ala'toq “carry with you.” 2022

Photo transfer on birch bark.

Phonetics: (Ala’toq”) A·laa·dohk

”I am talking about the stories I carry because they have been passed on through my blood, encoded in my DNA. My fellow Turtle Jani Lauzon uses the phrase, “Our bodies are our books.” I would build on that thought to say your bodies are our libraries- fully reference in memory, an endless resource, a giant database of stories. Some we lived, some were passed on, some dreamt, some forgotten, some we are aware of, dormant, awaiting the key that will realize them”- Monique Mojica Stories from the body, blood memory and organic texts (99)” -Stories from the Body, Blood Memory and Organic Text written by Monique Mojica

Documentation by  Chelsea Yang Smith